At Wee Beastie, we think up clever ideas and bring them to life. Our mission? Provide the most emotionally compelling advertising by focusing on initial creative development. For us, concept is king. The result? Work that always cuts through the clutter.


Monica Hinden

is an experienced Executive Producer who has brought many high-end concepts from the printed page to the screen. Having produced Upfront projects for both Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, she is an expert problem solver and no stranger to logistical nightmares. From Monica’s point of view, nothing is a problem – there is always a solution. Relax, and let her handle it…

Chris McKenna

has 20 years of experience as a writer and director of commercials, promos and short-form programming. His campaigns have led to higher ratings, brand recognition and ultimately profits for his clients. Chris has designed campaigns for household-name shows and commercial brands. As a director, Chris’s strengths include directing show talent, compelling visuals and quirky comedy.

What is a Wee Beastie?

Wee Beasties are those sticky concepts that get lodged inside your head. The catchy song that you keep humming, the stunning visual you can’t forget, those great ideas that keep you from falling asleep. These clever concepts are our specialty, because Wee Beasties are what we’re all about.